Backyard Visitors

On Friday, I mentioned the unwanted spring cold that has taken up residence in my sinuses. Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments and “feel-better” messages. I am feeling a little better after a busy weekend that didn’t allow for as much rest as I should have made time for. But I am still behind. Is it just me or are spring and summer colds the worst?

Slowly but surely, I am putting the banana bread post together and should have it up tomorrow. I decided last minute to bake up a batch of banana nut muffins to add in and have again set myself back. Honestly, I think I am way more excited about this post than anyone else could possibly be. I need to get it up so I can stop thinking about it.

But today, just for a quick check-in to say hello, I thought I would share with you a few pictures of my favorite backyard visitors. We have a lot of interesting visitors to what we call the “Brewer Nature Preserve” and it often feels like we never need visit a zoo again. Well, we don’t have tigers and rhinos (and I am most happy about that) but we do have lots of coyotes, javelinas and the occasional bobcat sitting on the fence or trotting casually through the driveway.

I know. It took me a while to get used to it too.

My two favorite visitors are the bunnies and the quail. They are sweet and peaceful and are always there nibbling on the grass or scratching for seeds when I first look out the kitchen window in the early morning.


I look forward to seeing them.



I love that the quail are always in pairs. Do you see the second pair in the background behind the orange tree? We are just starting to see the “mommies and daddies” with a long trail of babies scrambling along after them. So precious.


The bunnies are usually in pairs too. This guy heard me coming as I interrupted his breakfast; I though I was being so sneaky and quiet.

He stopped for just a moment, listening.


And then he and his buddy were off for the back gate. But he did make sure to take his breakfast with him.


Often times the bunnies will be just outside the gate running around chasing each other, playing in the tall brush. So much fun to watch!


The bunnies and quail are definitely welcome company. And while they might be slightly more terrifying company, I do have to admit it is pretty incredible to see a bobcat just hangin’ out on your back fence post.

Or even up in a Saguaro …


This is not my original photo, I found it on-line and borrowed it. 

It is amazing to me that these cats climb up and then sit atop these sharp spiny cacti.

Before I go today, I just want to extend my thoughts and prayers to all who were affected by the horrific tornado in Oklahoma yesterday. We lived in Altus, Oklahoma when we were stationed there for two years and absolutely loved the area and the local people we met. They are kind and strong and will overcome.

We have a lot of family in Oklahoma as well and are so incredibly thankful that they were not in the path of the storm and are all just fine. We are praying for those who were not as fortunate.

The LORD is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

6 thoughts on “Backyard Visitors

  1. apuginthekitchen

    I love your quail and bunnies and although I respect and admire the bobcats I am quite terrified by them. Your photo’s are beautiful. I echo your sentiments about Oklahoma, my Mom lives there and I was on the phone with her yesterday during this, thankfully her small town was spared any of the devastation.

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      So glad your mom is okay and her town was not hit. The bunnies and the quail are certainly less terrifying than a wild “cat” sitting on your fence. My husband also had one come within about 10 feet of him when he was working in the front yard. He stood up and it just looked at him and trotted off. Crazy!

  2. musingmar

    I agree, spring and summer colds are the worst. You have some charming visitors to your yard, and a few a little more on the intimidating side. It’s always so interesting to get a sense of what it feels like to live in such a different place. My yard is mostly visited by squirrels, a variety of birds and the occasional skunk (yikes!).

    Yesterday was a holiday here, and I had the good fortune to be on a boat on a tranquil lake. That tranquility was disturbed by reading on my Twitter feed about the devastation in Oklahoma. The awesome and deadly power of nature can strike at any time, and it chills my blood any time we have a tornado watch here. My heart goes out to all who were injured or killed yesterday, and to all those who experienced the terror of that powerful tornado. May the healing and rebuilding have begun.

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      There are indeed a few intimidating visitors. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest (squirrels and skunks there too) so this has been quite an adjustment for me. We have been here for a long time now though and I have come to love it. We’ve only had a bobcat visit a few times but it is pretty crazy to look out and see one just sitting on your fence.


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