Spring cold I don’t need you in my life and I want to break up!

Earlier in the week, I promised you I would be posting my grandmother’s banana bread recipe today.

Earlier in the week I was only incubating the spring cold that has now taken up residence in my sinus cavity.

My denial of the “I don’t feel so great” signs has finally proven futile and this morning’s efforts to edit photos and string thoughts together has resulted in me finding myself staring at the computer screen only to periodically “come to” and wonder how long I have been staring at the computer screen in my head cold fog.

I am calling it a day – at 8:27 am. Pillow. Blanket. Couch. Coffee.

Hot tea would be more poetic and would seem more soothing but black coffee runs through my veins and is my comfort.


All is not lost!

I get to lay on the couch and watch movies all day – except for the Target run I have to make, the kids I have to pick up from school, the daughter I have to run to a pool party after school and then pick-up two hours later and the pizza order I have to place for dinner. Hey, when your head feels like it weighs 500 pounds and is being squeezed in a vice, the “super mom reserves” run out quickly.

My youngest will get to play far too much Skylander Giants on the Wii and while you won’t get banana bread today, I am going to share coffee cake with you.

Well, you have to make it yourself. But that’s part of the fun. And you don’t want my germy self making coffee cake for you anyway.

I’ve shared this recipe before, not too long ago but it is worth repeating.

My blogging friend Kenley over at Green Door Hospitality mentioned my Salted Pecan Coffee Cake on her blog today – THANKS KENLEY! This recipe originated with my grandmother and I added a few special touches – think Fleur de Sel and maple glaze.


I thought this might be a good substitute for grandma’s banana bread for anyone who might have missed it or wants a delicious idea for the weekend.


Salted Pecan Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

I promise I’ll get the banana bread post up next week. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying a little coffee cake with someone you love.

As for me, there is a couch and a cup of coffee calling my name.


17 thoughts on “Spring cold I don’t need you in my life and I want to break up!

  1. apuginthekitchen

    Feel better Danielle, I know you can’t totally stop and pamper yourself but that is what comes with being a super mom. I have that cake on my short list, and seeing it again bumped it up a few notches. It will be a treat after I lose some weight on this diet,

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      Thanks Suzanne. Unfortunately, we had a pretty busy weekend so I didn’t slow down as much as was needed. Let me know how you like the cake. Stick to your healthy eating and think of this as a special treat. I am doing the same as baking my way through my grandmother’s recipes has been joyful but not good for the waistline. All things in moderation.

  2. musingmar

    Your cake looks wonderful! Feel better soon. If you’re anything like me, you view colds as a personal affront. I mean, really, how dare they!

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      I absolutely do. I don’t have time for colds and am not a “stay in bed” kind of person. I used to be but motherhood doesn’t allow for that. Therefore, moms should be exempt from colds. If only that could be a rule. 😉

  3. Karen

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well…I’m just recovering from bronchitis so I can sympathize with not feeling like cooking. Thank you for sharing you delicious sounding cake…it looks great.

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      So glad you are on the mend from bronchitis, that is no fun! I am starting to feel better – still to “sinusy” but it will pass. The cake is one of my favorites and is a special treat! I hope you try it – it would be lovely enjoyed with a cup of coffee on the porch of a cabin in Maine. 🙂


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