Is it too Late to Say Happy New Year? – Revised and Corrected


I knew it published early when my computer seemed to go crazy mid-post writing and then suddenly displays a “Congratulations, you have 31 posts”.


I.AM.NOT.FINISHED. Not revised, not edited, not checked and re-checked; content I have been debating and unsure of POSTED. This was in no way as bad as the time I hit “save draft” and everything was gone – poof – never to be seen again … 0 words. I can barely mention it.

Nothing terrible, just unfinished and a little hap-hazard; ultimately edited, revised, corrected and published about an hour later as I intended. Unfortunately, I can’t take back all of the e-mails my wonderful followers received (which I just realized when I checked my e-mail a few minutes ago) so, I just thought I would let you know that I am not quite as scattered as I may have appeared in the unfinished post you read via e-mail.

Not quite. It is true, however, I don’t do gin and tonic – which did not make the final edit so you guys are the only ones who know the whole story.

2 thoughts on “Is it too Late to Say Happy New Year? – Revised and Corrected

  1. Instant Mama

    Mine did that to me a couple times recently – I changed the date to publish it in January but forgot to change the year so boom, it was emailed out immediately and posted on my blog for LAST January. My blog was no big deal but all my email followers got a sneak peek…! The joys of technology!


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