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Is it too Late to Say Happy New Year? – Revised and Corrected


I knew it published early when my computer seemed to go crazy mid-post writing and then suddenly displays a “Congratulations, you have 31 posts”.


I.AM.NOT.FINISHED. Not revised, not edited, not checked and re-checked; content I have been debating and unsure of POSTED. This was in no way as bad as the time I hit “save draft” and everything was gone – poof – never to be seen again … 0 words. I can barely mention it.

Nothing terrible, just unfinished and a little hap-hazard; ultimately edited, revised, corrected and published about an hour later as I intended. Unfortunately, I can’t take back all of the e-mails my wonderful followers received (which I just realized when I checked my e-mail a few minutes ago) so, I just thought I would let you know that I am not quite as scattered as I may have appeared in the unfinished post you read via e-mail.

Not quite. It is true, however, I don’t do gin and tonic – which did not make the final edit so you guys are the only ones who know the whole story.