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Halloween Happenings

Halloween is over, time to reflect on how much fun we had! I told you about the wild beasts devouring our pumpkins. Incidentally, my husband was very disappointed that I did not share the harrowing tale of how he risked life and limb to rescue three of our six pumpkins from the “tusks of death”, or something like that. Honey, you are my hero! So, we were down three pumpkins. Thankfully, I knew where to get more and all was once again right with the world.

Let the pumpkin carving commence …

The newly carved pumpkins had to spend the night on the dining room table, safe from hungry wild beasts.

Trick-or-Treating …

also know as “mommy chasing Nathan up and down dark streets trying to prevent bodily harm, excessive doorbell ringing and a complete breakdown of all manners and self-control as the pursuit of candy switches off all but his basic reptilian brain function”.

Our house is not in the best area for trick-or-treating as we are a little more “rural”, so we headed a few miles down the road to Andrew and Eileen’s (Ethel’s) neighborhood for pizza and the truck-loads of candy family oriented suburban neighborhoods are known for. Our kids love their kids, Ryan and Molly, so they were VERY excited about trick-or-treating with their buddies!

Ryan (Clone Trooper), David (Snake Eyes), Sara (Genie), Nathan (Chop-Chop) and Molly (a Purple Butterfly Fairy)

We picked up a couple of extra fairies along the way (as is always a possibility while trick-or-treating in a family oriented suburban neighborhood) but we didn’t keep them.

The kids had a GREAT time and came home with a TON of candy …

I mean, A TON of candy, which you can see Nathan and Grandma obsessively sorted by genre’.

Disclaimer: I will in no way, absolutely never, not a chance in sugar heaven, allow my children to consume all of this candy. Masses of Skittles, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Starbursts and Lemon Heads have been set aside for upcoming Cub Scout events so they can be consumed by other people’s children. Don’t worry though, my children will get some of their candy (I’m not a monster); oh, and a little of the chocolate has been safely tucked away for mommy. Okay, and daddy too. Okay, most of the chocolate.

The pumpkins made it to the porch Halloween night and survived the Javelinas but were done in by the 90 degree temperatures the next day.