When Did He Get So Big?

Guess what has happened around here in the last week?

Any guesses? Give up? Okay, I’ll tell you.

School started.

My kids went back to school.


I love my kids. You know that.

I love the first 3 1/2 weeks of summer.

And then, I LOVE it when my kids go back to school. Well, I mostly love it.


But this year was a little different and I will admit, mommy had some added back to school anxiety. I always have a little back to school anxiety (especially with some of our unique challenges) but this year, my  youngest, my baby, started Kindergarten.

And it was hard.

For me.

Thankfully, not for him.


When did he get so big?


When did he become so independent?

He did not want to walk with me. He wanted to do it ALL. BY. HIMSELF.

I want him to be independent and I want him to hold my hand too.

Yes, that big expanse of grass between us in just one big metaphor. Incidentally, you’re not supposed to walk on the grass so we started Kindergarten by breaking the rules. See, he should have held my hand.


But this boy was too big for that and he was all business! All of the friends and teachers we ran into welcomed him and I would say Nathan, tell them what grade you are in. After about the fourth time, he turned and looked at me and said …

“MOMMY, I tell you already … K – I – N -D – E – R – G – A – R – T – E – N ! !” If only I could express to you his far too grown up exasperation at my apparent inability to remember what grade he was in. It won’t be the last time I exasperate him, you can be sure of that.


Eventually, we made it to the classroom, Nathan ten feet ahead of me, where he lined up and waited patiently to go in.

A big kid.

Yes, my child is 4x larger than every other Kindergartener on the planet but that isn’t really what I meant.

Mama doesn’t have a baby anymore, which he so often reminds me when I try to tell him he will always be my baby. “Mommy, I not a baby. I’m a big boy!”

And so he is.

And then my big boy gave me a hug and marched independently into his classroom and got right down to business.

I have to tell you,  technically I should not have this picture. We parents should have stayed out of the classroom and given our children their space. Bless my son’s perceptive and gracious teacher who sensing our neediness, allowed us into the classroom for a few quick last goodbyes and hugs and a Kindergarten paparazzi of flashing cameras. Yes, we kindergarten parents are a sad lot – at least on the first day.

Thankfully, we are now through the first few days of school and all of my kids have settled in well.

And so have I.

I miss them but I know they are in good hands and are happily busy and learning and are no longer bored or fighting with each other or making me hide in my bathroom just to make a phone call.

My house is cleaner. And quieter.

And I can write again. Oh blog and blogging friends, how I have missed you!

And I am peaceful and happy to see them at the end of their day and hear all about everything they did.

Nathan LOVES Kindergarten and it has already been really good for him. Instead of his usual Three Stooges burp, he made a quiet burp the other day with his little fist to his mouth and said “mommy, my teacher show me how to burp quietly.” I have shown him how to burp quietly too, but sometimes you just need a little back up.

And they need a little independence.



13 thoughts on “When Did He Get So Big?

  1. apuginthekitchen

    Look how big Nathan is, and starting kindergarten. They grow up so quickly seems like we blink and they are grown up. It’s wonderful that he enjoys school and his teacher sounds great. Good for you and Nathan both!!

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      He is so big and growing like crazy right now! He really is loving Kindergarten and we are so blessed to have a school that is fantastic with special needs and meeting kids where they are as individuals. I’m going to have lunch with him today. I love that. 🙂

  2. tableofcolors

    What a lovely post and such familiar feelings! School started here on Tuesday and I sent off our new first grader. Of course we still have little ones at home, but for that particular child life just changed a bit. They grow up so fast!

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      They do indeed! I am still having trouble adjusting and am so thankful I can go and have lunch with him once in a while and will be able to help out in the classroom soon. It will get easier and I am enjoying a bit more freedom – I just have to keep busy. Who knew it would be this hard to have the last one start school? I hope your little one is settling into first grade well!!

  3. musingmar

    Funny, but I experienced very similar feelings when my son, now an adult, left last week for a career training program in another province. Once a mother … :). It’s exciting and gratifying to see our kids experience these life milestones, but often poignant too. Wishing Nathan a great kindergarten experience!

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      Thank you! Absolutely “once a mother …” – I had lunch with a friend yesterday who’s daughter had been home all summer from grad school. She left on Wednesday to go back to school and my friend cried all day. They are always our babies, no matter how old they are or how grown up. I hope your son’s new training program goes very well for him and that he comes home to visit his mama soon. 🙂

  4. Rhonda Sittig

    Fun post! I remember those first days of school, wishing I could just sit quietly in the corner and watch how they are getting along… Just wait til you drop him off at college!

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      I can’t even imagine. He is loving Kindergarten for the most part and I am still having a hard time. I don’t think they’ll be as excited to see me show up and visit at college as they are when I come to have lunch with them at elementary school. Maybe? But doubtful. Definitely not ready for college! 🙂


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