Pool Season Begins with My Polar Bear in His Underwear

Sunday evening, after all of the Easter festivities had wound down and Sara and David were getting ready for bed, my husband decided to do a bit of quick swimming pool maintenance. Nathan was still playing outside (no school for him the next day) and of course, when he saw his dad inside the pool fence (the most highly coveted back yard destination), he was more than eager to “help” daddy with the pool. “Helping” daddy quickly led to Nathan stripping down to his underwear and leaping unabashed into the water.

Cold water.

Rather than fish him out and warm him up, we decided to let him have a go, be a kid.

To him, it was a 110 degree summer day. Lip quivering in pure joy.

This child is a polar bear.


He had so much fun and seemed to avoid any sort of hypothermia so last night, we officially declared the start of pool season! Well, at least for the crazy little people who are willing to brave the 73 degree water. I, however, am not crazy and will swim at 90 degrees thank you.

The crazy little people I live with …






Sara, how’s the water?



She made it about 10 minutes and was the first one out. Smart.


David made it a few more minutes but was soon done and snuggled up in a towel. Warm.

And then, there is Nathan. Wild.

I have a significant amount of grey hair. I would like to share with you why that is …





A fearless and impulsive boy who LOVES the water but is built like an anvil; 70 pounds of thick, solid iron that should sink and yet, swims like a fish.  My husband said it best when he compared watching Nathan swim to watching a helicopter fly; “It defies all logic and yet, there it is, flying” – or swimming as it were. I guess it doesn’t hurt that he is also strong as an ox!


“What!? I not cold!”

He would have swam and leapt and dove and splashed and cannon-balled all night if we’d let him. But pool season has only just begun. There will be plenty of days ahead for all of that!

6 thoughts on “Pool Season Begins with My Polar Bear in His Underwear

  1. Instant Mama

    Oh my, I haven’t even checked our water temp yet. Our kids have been begging to get in but since none of them have even begun the evolution from sinking child to tireless fish, this would mean that mama has to get wet too. And I’m with you – 90 degrees is the low end of my comfort level. I hope they are quick learners so I can, um, get lots of pictures while watching them swim soon!

    1. Welcome Company with Danielle Post author

      It is SO much easier when you get to the “tireless fish” stage. I actually get to sit in a lounge chair now with one eye on the pool and one eye on a magazine or book and relax a little while they swim and swim and swim. And then, they sleep – early and soundly. We spend most of the hot summer wet. Before they became great swimmers, we used to put them in full life vests so they could have some independence but still be completely safe. I would highly recommend it – good for your peace of mind too.

      1. Instant Mama

        Yes, wonderful idea. My three year old thinks he can swim – jumped into the pool over and over at the hotel despite sinking to the bottom each time. I’m really gonna need to watch that boy!


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